Weight Control

Obesity in pets is becoming more widespread.


Overweight animals are at risk for the same problems as humans : diabetes, osteoarthritis, respiratory problems and cardiovascular disease.


Of course, we want to spoil our furry companion but it must be done cautiously. A glass of milk given to a 10 pound (4.5 kg) cat is equal to 4.5 burgers or 5 chocolate bars for a human… that’s huge!

You want a healthy pet with a beautiful figure but you do not want him/her to be hungry all the time! This is where our service comes into play. We offer a weight management service. A technician will meet with you and analyze the nutritional needs of your pet. She will suggest a plan that includes the appropriate food that will ensure that your pet will be satisfied, maybe an exercise plan or a food dispenser, many little things to keep it as simple as possible... and follow-up visits at the clinic to be adjusted as needed.

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