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The Lasalle Veterinary Clinic has been in business since 1972. Located in a friendly residential area in Ville Lasalle, on the south side of the La Verendrye canal (corner of 1st Avenue and Champlain), this convenient location is easily available to both LaSalle and Verdun residents.

The team of the Lasalle Veterinary Clinic aims to offer high quality preventive measures and medical services to its patients. In this section, you will find lots of information concerning the well-being of your pets and later on a photo gallery for your favourite photos along with lots of other goodies.

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It's the winter at the Veterinary Clinic Lasalle!

During winter, the salt on the sidewalk can be irritating for your dog’s paws.

We recommend you:

  1. Use a Pad Protector Balm
  2. Wash your dog’s paws with water when returning from walks
  3.  Make him wear protective boots

Salt irritates your dog’s paws and licking them may worsen irritation… Ingestion of salt is also very bad for your doggie’s health!

Some foods are toxic for your cat and your dog!

Occasionally, it is not harmful to offer a treat to your furry companion. It is preferable to offer products specifically designed for them. Should you decide to offer him human food, remember that certain foods are toxic for your dog or cat. Here are a few of them:
grapes, fresh and dried
garlic and onion
poultry bones
salt and sugar
fat, in large quantity
deli meats (nitrates),
milk (allergy)
Aspirin, Tylenol and other human medication
Xylitol (gum)
indoor plants
antifreeze (sweet taste appealing to animals)

Make sure to avoid these foods!


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