Preventive Medicine

At the LaSalle Veterinary Clinic, we believe that quality preventative medical care will enable your pet to lead a long and healthy life.

An annual examination is a must to identify certain conditions quickly and to minimize their impact on the health of your animal. During this physical examination, the veterinarian will check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, glands, hydration, abdomen, heart, lungs, skin, fur, joints and temperature. She will question you concerning your animal’s general health condition as well as his behavior at home. The veterinarian will discuss with you the vaccination program adapted to your animal’s lifestyle. We care about choosing the necessary vaccines, without giving too much or too little.

The health of your pet is directly linked to the quality of his feeding habits. We carry a complete range of quality food including diets for different stages of life, prescription diets, dental diets, many treats, toys and food dispensers.


We believe that pet insurance is a valuable assistance for unplanned medical expenses. Many companies offer it. Ask us about it! (You can find some links to a few insurance companies on our ‘Useful Links’ page)


Parasite prevention is a fascinating subject also! Yes it is! We will discuss with you the risks and solutions. Bring us a stool sample for analysis during your pet’s first visit.


Microchipping your pet is now mandatory, so don't hesitate to ask us about it. The installation is easy, fast and low cost.

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