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Dr. Carine Bourrellis

Dre Bourrellis graduated in 1995, and has owned the LaSalle Veterinary Clinic since 1998.

As stated on the homepage of our site, the project of the new clinic is a dream come true for Carine, in which her passion for veterinary medicine was combined with her other passion for art and design.

On the veterinary practice side, Carine loves surgery, complex medical cases, diabetes management and dentistry.

She likes the routine as well; it allows her to talk a little more with customers and take the time, when the situation is not too stressful!

It is a fundamental value for Carine to get involved in her community. Her two main volunteer activities are : her involvement as Chief Veterinarian for Défi Taïga, a 200km dog sled race held in Fermont each winter; and her involvement with Chiots Nordiques, an association that engages with the indigenous communities, mainly through the sterilization of dogs in these communities.

She also brought back Lenny, a cute little hairy black dog from Ekuanitshit (Mingan) with whom she lived for several weeks. As Lenny wanted to eat her cats, Guimauve and Casimir, and her nephews and nieces, but he love adults, she preferred to find him a family for life with Stephanie and Mia (see reception). Lenny has spent several weeks coming to work at the clinic, which is why you will find him on many staff photos! 

And finally, her involvement with Refuge Animex, a cat shelter working mainly in the south-west of the island of Montreal, for whom the clinic provides veterinary care.

Carine shares her life with two cats, Casimir and Tony. So is the beautiful Babette, Portuguese water dog with a little princess character.

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