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Vanessa joined our team as manager in 2021, and she wished she had sooner! She has so many ideas that she can’t wait to come in each morning to see how we can make our clinic even more wonderful for clients, pets and employees. She really loves her team!

Having never worked in a clinic before, she brings a fresh perspective as well as several new challenges to the team. She is always looking for new challenges to improve her work as a manager.

During her free time she watches movies and TV shows with her miniature poodle, Stitch and Pluto therefore Persian cat, Luna. They are always glued to her.

She is an amazing artist, which has driven her to always improve the marketing of the clinic. She enjoys reading and writing, and when she can, spending time with family and friends is important.

Her goals are to bring all of her ideas to fruition and grow with the clinic. In the future she would love to own a home, have a family and add even more to her furry family.

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