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All kinds of surgeries take place at the LaSalle Veterinary Clinic.

We practice mainly what we call soft tissue surgeries: sterilization, cystotomy, laparotomy, enterotomy and enterectomy, gastrostomy to remove foreign objects, removal of various masses, docking for medical reasons, enucleation, entropion correction and much more.


An animal health technician will monitor your pet throughout the surgery and recovery, by monitoring oxygen saturation, heart rate and more. Specifically designed cages in our pre-op room allows a technician to keep an eye on your pet during premedication and will follow him throughout the surgery. As your pet awakens, the veterinarian and technician will ensure that he is comfortable and does not present any pain.


When your pet wakes up, we’ll be happy to call you to give you some news. When your pet is ready to leave, you will meet a technician who will advise you about recovery care at home and any necessary follow-ups.

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