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Why a microchip?

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All pets benefit from having a microchip. You never know when your dog will decide to go explore a little too far, when your cat will not come back from his daily outing or that your indoor kitty will escape through a badly closed door. House cats tend to panic once outside and no longer know how to come back. If any of these situations happen to you, you will be extremely happy and relieved when you are called and told where to find your pet, thanks to their microchip.

Many people have concerns about the microchip, but know that it is nothing but a small implant the size of a grain of rice that is implanted under the skin at the shoulder blades. It rarely causes any side effects except for some mild bleeding. It represents the best option to identify an animal because it is permanent, it can not be lost and will generally work throughout his life.

The microchip, contrary to popular belief, is not a GPS. You will not have the position of your pet instantly. The microchip needs to be read through a reader. So, when your lost animal is brought, by the good samaritan who found them, to a veterinary clinic or shelter, they will be checked with the help of the reader. If your pet has a microchip, the people responsible will call the microchip company and they will contact you to advise you that you can pick up your pet at that location. It is therefore imperative to have a registered and up-to-date file with the microchip company.

Do not hesitate. Have a microchip implanted on your pet. You will have a much lower risk of experiencing a sad story.

Geneviève Benoit, TSA

(translated by Johanne)

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