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Feline Vaccination

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There are three vaccines available for cats.

1. The base vaccine (PRC) covers the following three diseases:

  • Panleukopenia: Resembles the canine parvovirus, but attacks kittens and adult cats. It is a widespread and often lethal disease. The clinical signs include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Rhinotracheitis: This disease affects the upper respiratory tract and is caused by the feline herpes virus. Rhinotracheitis is transmitted through saliva and nasal secretions. This virus can stay latent throughout a cat’s life but may resurge during periods of stress. The clinical signs often include sneezing, ocular and nasal secretions, but can also include moderate fever, loss of appetite, open mouth breathing and cough.

  • Calicivirus: The calicivirus is another upper respiratory tract disease that affects cats. The clinical signs include moderate fever and mouth ulcers, which can generate a loss of appetite due to the pain.

2. Leukemia (FeLV) : Feline leukemia is a deadly disease which is easily transmitted from one cat to another through saliva: bite wounds, grooming, and drinking from the same water bowl. Other methods of transmission include blood transfusion and an infected gestating mom can transmit the disease to her kittens.

3. Rabies : The rabies virus is also a lethal which affects the nervous system. All mammals, including humans, are vulnerable to the infection. Vaccination against rabies is primordial for the public health. Did you know that in 2021, a skunk was found infected of the rabies virus on the south shore of Montreal?

At the Lasalle Veterinary Clinic, we will make a personalized vaccination plan based on your cat's daily lifestyle.

Isabelle Ladouceur

Certified animal health technician

Fear free certified.

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