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How to encourage your cat to drink?

You might be wondering why your cat doesn't drink a lot?

For their ancestors who lived in the desert, it was a daily challenge to find water. Fortunately, their fabulous renal system was able to reabsorb some of the water they managed to consume. Our domestic cats are pampered. Water scarcity is no longer a problem. But they still kept this capacity, hence their reduced water consumption. Unfortunately, some health conditions require a much larger intake of water than what kitty wants to drink (kidney disease, urinary problems, constipation, etc.) It is therefore essential to offer several sources of water to our cats to encourage them to drink.

Canned food is a great solution. It is appetizing and fits easily into our cat's diet. It contains a huge amount of water. It is important to offer canned food to kittens to get them used to the texture.

Adding water to dry food is another solution. However, some cats don't like the texture of wet kibbles.

Tap water and even the water in your toilet attracts cats. Try to make these water sources accessible if your cat likes them. Water fountains help a lot with cats who love moving water.

All bowls and fountains should be washed regularly. Cats are sensitive to smells. Favor stainless steel and porcelain bowls over plastic ones which can get scratched and become contaminated.

Make sure to change the water every day. Cats love cool fresh water. You can even put ice cubes in their bowl of water. Some cats prefer the taste of bottled water to tap water. You can add flavor to the water (tuna juice, chicken broth) to stimulate even more water intake.

Provide various sources of water scattered around the house, in quiet places and away from the litter. Cats don't like to eat where they do their business, which is normal.

Choose what works best for your cat and cheers!


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