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Telemedicine: the why and the how...

We recently decided to offer telemedicine to our customers for a number of reasons.

First, to respect social distancing and to avoid non-essential travel, we have reduced the number of appointments available at the clinic so that there are fewer clients at the same time on our premises.

The door is locked and we allow one customer at a time to come buy food or bring their pet for their appointment. We work with a reduced staff to protect our team and allow us to work with a certain distance between each other. People over the age of 70 should not leave their homes except for essentials. We continue to see sick animals, and emergencies.   In this context, we believe that telemedicine is ideal for several conditions. It is certain that it will not replace a physical examination in the flesh, but it can be used in several occasions, such as :

Teletriage: you have questions; you're not sure if you should make an appointment for your pet; you can request a telemedicine consultation, and decide with a veterinarian if an appointment is required, if we can wait, or if we can set up an empirical treatment and follow up by phone. Your pet has a new problem, a non-urgent condition that seems important, uncomfortable, that bothers your pet: a limp, allergies that start up again, conjunctivitis for example; you can request a telemedicine consultation by phone or video, you can link photos, videos, show us your pet if you are in a quiet and well-lit area; this allows us to perform veterinary procedures, recommend tests, and make prescriptions; all you have to do is pick up your medicine! You are over 70 years old, you can't go out, but someone you know offers to come and bring your pet and leave them with us; we can do the telemedicine consultation with you, and have your pet here as long as necessary for procedures, tests and the likes, notify you of the results as we go ... It's almost as if you were there! You have questions to ask about your animal, concerning a specific medical problem. You are busy, so are we! We are unable to call you back at a time that is convenient for both of us; sometimes it can take several days! The number of calls has increased significantly in recent times, we are struggling to keep up with demand… Shelters are overwhelmed by adoption requests, requests for care are increasing. Many of our clients are at home and have time and would like to take care of things for their pets. The groomers are closed, claws grow, fur too. You would be surprised how much the phone calls and messages have increased for us!

Solution: we have therefore assigned periods of availability in telemedicine: you make an appointment with us, on the telemedicine tab of our website, and an assigned veterinarian (or a technician if that is what you need) will have 20 minutes just for you, at a time that suits you, in the comfort of the location that suits you. This service therefore meets the requirements of the coronavirus pandemic, the government and those of the Order of veterinary doctors of Quebec. Our dedicated staff does everything in their power to ensure the best possible care for your companions despite this period of turbulence and constant change. We hope to be able to count on your indulgence!   Are you ready to make your telemedecine appointment? You can choose an appointment by messaging, phone or teleconference. The choice is yours! You just need to open an account by clicking on the link on our home page to make an appointment.

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